Meet Kennedy , an Antoinette repaint by Jenise Mah of The Doll Salon

Kennedy Antoinette repaint by Doll Salon (55)

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Ficon Ga-in and Liu

Ga-in & Liu (16)

BJD ‘IT’ Girl Inque

BJD IT GIRL Inque (63)

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Just because … They are beautiful

Ficon Sylvia

Ingrid and Sylvia cont (18)

Modsdoll Ingrid

Modsdoll Ingrid & Ficon Sylvia (32)

Jamieshow Sabina

Nadra & Sabina (9)

Numina Nadra

Nadra & Sabina (8)

Modsdoll Sasha

Sisters Sasha and Piony (37)

Modsdoll Piony

Sisters Sasha and Piony (38)

A selection of wedding outfits

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Read the tale by clicking on the link:  A Medieval Tale    Additional photo’s at:  FLCKR Medieval Tale


Annual Antoinette Audit

Photographs of all of my gorgeous Antoinette’s are now on FLCKR.

I am always looking for Antoinette repaints  🙂

Antoinette group repaints final 017A - Copy

Shown above are the repainted ladies.

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