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Uh, oh we are also going to be welcoming Nu Mood Paige (Curvy)!  At this rate we will have the complete Nu Mood collection.  Must check my finances, these girls don’t know when to stop. 

Tonner Wilful Antoinette (otherwise known as Darcy)


Latest Ladies…

Well February will be bringing in four new ladies from the Tonner clan: 

Nu Mood Carrie

Nu Mood Parker

Nu Mood Tyler (Tamara) 

Nu Mood Sydney (Larissa)

These ladies are beautiful and photos will be added to my FLCKR account so be sure to check it out


My story began in June 2011 with the 13” Revlon Ultra Basic (redhead) who I named Tamsin.  She originally joined the family of Barbie (and friends) when I came across her quite by accident on EBay, however the scale wasn’t quite right.  A few of the older Barbie clothes fit Tamsin, but they weren’t ‘right’ for her.  My hunt for affordable clothes began in earnest on EBay as the clothes made by Tonner for her were very pricey.

It was while searching for clothes that I stumbled upon a beautiful doll called ‘Show stopping Sydney’ the likes of which I had never seen before.  Even though she was 16” I hoped that she might be in scale to Tamsin so that she might have a friend.  When I held Sydney for the fiLibby (brunette), Kyra (blonde) & Marley (redhead)rst time I was completely blown away, the height and weight felt so ‘right’ and even though she was expensive in comparison to Barbie I knew straight away that she would be undressed, dressed and played with!  I felt like a naughty school child to even think about devaluing such a beauty, but I didn’t care.  As a side note I do not play with my Barbie’s and any that came in their box have remained in their box. 

I felt liberated and excited, but alas Tamsin and Sydney were not in scale, so now I had the problem of finding friends for both of them!  You can probably guess where this story is going and you would be right.  Next came Ready-To-Wear Runway Esmé and once more I felt really excited to see and hold her. She too, was really beautiful.

Another strange thing happened at around the time Esmé joined us; I got the urge to photograph the three ladies together, and because clothing was both difficult to get, and pricey, I wanted to MAKE clothes for them (I have not made dolly clothes since I was a young girl). What was it about them that made me want to do these things?  I still don’t know, but I can say that they have helped me in lots of ways and I am so pleased that I discovered Tamsin at the time that I did.

I am pleased to say that eventually Tamsin got the friends she deserved; the first was Revlon Ultra Basic (brunette) (Briony) who I simply felt sorry for because no one was bidding for her on EBay.  She and Tamsin have become firm friends and share similar personalities, though Briony is the quieter of the two and is happy for Tamsin to take the lead.  Further 13” girls followed with Diana Themyscira (Wonder Woman) and Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) and they like to have fun and party hard.  The latest girl to join the 13” group was Artemis of Bana Mighdall (Saskia) and she is still finding her place amongst them.   A further young lady, Revlon Loves Raven (UFDC Convention Special), who we have named Raven, is on the way to join us very soon, and we are looking forward to greeting her.

The 16” line also continued to grow and by the time eleven ladies were sharing my home it was time to introduce a male or two into the mix.  Maxwell Smart came first and he hit it off immediately with Bette Davis, and though they haven’t made an announcement to say that they are a couple, all of the signs point to it and they are really sweet together.

Dolls number 25 and 26 were Edward Cullen and Harry Potter, who both admire and respect Max, and they spend a lot of time tinkering with the motorbike and moped that just happen to be the correct scale for them.  Sometimes one or two of the ladies start tinkering too, but they do it just to torment the guys.

Number 28 was the first 12” Marley Wentworth, and as per the previous pattern, she needed friends in her size too, so we now have three of them:  Marley, Libby and Kyra, and Hermione (of Harry Potter fame) joined us in December.  They are all very excited and can’t wait for Christmas to come, when they will be allowed to join the teenagers and adults at the Christmas party.  I just hope there are enough party frocks to go around!

Jack (Sparrow) and Matt O’Neill will be making their entrance at Christmas, which I am sure will please the ladies!  Moxie Gavin came to escort the Revlon girls, but his scale isn’t quite right so I’m not sure whether he will stay with us or not.

The count now stands at 56 and the latest ladies are from the Madam Alexander Company:  Paris Williams, Jadde Lee and Alexandra Fairchild Ford. The rest is history, as they say, and the collection includes Tonner, Madame Alexander and Susan Wakeen. 

I hope to record some of the adventures, special occasions etc. that they will have, so be sure to come back again.

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