New Arrival Tesha

Tesha (Ultra Basic Ava (Dreamscape Convention)) arrived this morning and looks fantastic. 


Libby took it upon herself to introduce Tesha to everyone and to show her around.  I hope to get some photographs in the next couple of days, so be sure to check

Kit and Jon still going strong (I think)

Kit and Jon invited me to Kit’s apartment today to take a few photographs.  They look so good together.   Kit had prepared a light meal for them both, followed by huge trifle for dessert  🙂

After the meal Jon played some tunes on his guitar and Jerome turned up unexpectedly.  He asked to have a go with the guitar and practically serenaded Kit, right in front of Jon, who was understandably a little put out.

Once Jerome had left Kit assured Jon that she had eyes for him only and after a kiss and cuddle Jon felt better.

Jerome, Jon and Kit

What is going on with Jerome?  I think he just likes the fairer sex and is a huge flirt, but wouldn’t go beyond flirting, surely…

More photographs available at

Jerome is here

Jerome arrived today and he passed by the loft, the home of ‘The EDGE’ modelling agency.  Whilst there he met Marley, Libby, Hermione and Kyra who were doing a tour of the agency for a school project.

Even though Jerome had had a long flight the girls persuaded him to play for a while and he gave ‘piggy backs’, ‘whizzers’ and they covered ‘play fighting’ too. 

Jerome with Kyra, Hermione, Marley and Libby

Marley wanted to play hairdressers with Jerome, but he point blank refused that one  🙂

I wonder if the older girls will fall for his charms the way the younger girls have.

Confessions of a doll lover

Okay, I have to confess that even though a few posts ago I stated that I would NOT be buying any more dolls after Strider (Ranger of the North), I have acquiesced and a further three ladies have arrived.

I have failed in my objective and have to admit to having a serious addiction to them, perhaps I could ask EBay to prohibit me, but that wouldn’t make good business sense…

I have updated the ‘Doll Summary’ tab to reflect the additions, and they are:

Franklin Mint Jackie Kennedy

Tonner Spice Antoinette

Tonner Unhappily Ever After

Photographs can be seen at:

1950’s Theatre Trip

Bette is in London for a short spell and is staying in her Belgravia apartment for the duration of her trip.  Max is making the most of their free time and has arranged a trip to the theatre for Bette and a handful of their girlfriends.

Bette ready and waiting for Maxwell

They are expected to dine at one of Wimbledon’s most prestigious restaurants following the show, and security will be tight based on the current unrest in the capital.

It is understood that some of their guests include:  Joan, Alex, Gene, Anna and Tess, and Max has stated that there may be more pictures available tomorrow, on the premise that they have some privacy this evening.

Max and Bette have spent some considerable time together over the last several months, but have still not made an official announcement of their commitment to each other, though some sources suggest that news of an engagement may be imminent.

See more at:

The Edge – modelling agency for Teenz!

Several of the younger ladies did a photo shoot for ‘The Edge’ an upcoming modelling agency for tweens through to teens.

Jade is whacky– that is her style.

Lacey is zany and is bang on trend.

Grace is full of charm & poise and is magical.

Antoinette is sassy and vivacious and only the best will do.

Cami is splendour with a love of all things fashion.

Darcy is mischievous and can be very naughty.

Koření is sugar & spice and all things nice.

Cindy is sullen and broody and needs cheering up!


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 They did an amazing job!

Photographs can be seen at:

Kit and Jon’s First Date

 Kit and Jon met for lunch on their first date, and they looked so sweet together!  Kit’s body language suggests that she is completely infatuated with Jon, but hey, who wouldn’t be?  She touched his arm, shoulder and face,  and even brushed his hair back from his face – all good signs in the dating game.

At one point Jon leaned in close to whisper in Kit’s ear and there was a ripple of excitement from the photographers.  I think they were as excited as Kit and full of hope that this date, might lead to more for the gorgeous couple.

But that isn’t where it ends…Jon was seen leaving Kits apartment the following morning, followed by a ‘mussed’ haired Kit!  They posed for photos and seemed very comfortable with each other and were on the way to get lunch somewhere quiet (date number two).

Everyone is hoping that Jon may have found the girl of his dreams, as so far he has been reluctant to settle down, I’d like to just say “Jon, please don’t hurt our lovely Kit”

Photographs can be seen at:

Jon and Kit


News just in that an inquiry was held immediately following the announcement of the finalists for the Miss Black Beauty pageant.

It seems that Paige has been disqualified from the competition, for reasons unspecified, and Gabrielle has been moved to the position of 1st runner up.

The judges then reviewed the photographs of the remaining contestants, and the 2nd runner up position has been awarded to Friday Foster who wore a 60’s inspired dress and large hooped ear-rings.

Esme and Parker were allowed to submit new photographs for consideration as it has transpired that both of the dresses that they had intended to wear had been damaged by person/s unknown.

Paige has declined to comment on the reasons for her disqualification, but insists that she was not the perpetrator behind the damaged dresses.

Miss Black Beauty Pageant

Well today saw the final 17 entrants for the Miss Black Beauty Pageant gather at Whitechapel Hall in preparation for the competition.

All of the ladies looked stunning  with most opting for floor length gowns, though one or two chose something a little different, to add to the mix.  The judges had a very difficult task to pick out the final three and the criteria was based on: beauty, poise, personality and modelling ability.

The second runner up is Gabrielle, who wore a fitted cream halter neck dress and wore her long blonde hair loose.  Gabrielle is one of the younger entrants and looks set to have a glittering future ahead of her.

The first runner up is Paige, and she wore a sky blue skin tight gown with a plunging neckline.  Paige wore her hair in a asymetrical shoulder length bob. Paige already has some success in the modelling world as a ‘Pin up’ model and hopes to break into mainstream modelling too.

The title of ‘Miss Black Beauty 2012’  goes to Paris Williams for her stunning beauty and grace.  She wore a strapless cream long length dress with accentuating gold jewellery.  Her hair was worn in an updo which emphasized her face perfectly.  Paris is looking forward to being a role model and ambassador for the next twelve months, and is keen to begin the numerous modelling assignments that go with the title.  She will also be the new face for the “21” make up range which is aimed at the young, vibrant woman of today.

Both runners up, Paige and Gabrielle, have also won modelling assignments as part of their prizes.

Pictures of all entrants are available at:

Paris Williams

Paris Williams

Settling in

Well, all of the newest members seem to have settled in and made themselves at home.  Lots more photos have been added to my FLCKR account so do check it out.

The boys have been ‘buffing up’ at the gym, and they’re all looking pretty good!

Jon and Kit have had their lunch date so I should have news of how it went soon… 🙂

Marley, Libby and Kyra have had some of their Christmas board games out, and Hermione is learning to play guitar.

Hermione learning guitar