Paige arrives alone!

Paige arrived late this afternoon and said that the journey was tiring but she assured me that after a short rest she would like to  have a stroll around the neighbourhood to ‘blow away the cobwebs’.  

Apparantly the other four “Nu Mood” girls, who were also expected today, stopped off in NYC where 120 runway fashion models are being sourced for the Couture Fashion week.  Naturally I wish them every success with the casting, but I do wish they had given me some notice of their intentions.  Poor Paige should not have been expected to travel alone, especially as it is her first time out of the US, but she thinks I am fussing.

Fortunately, I haven’t made any bookings for them in the first week, so I suppose no real harm has been done.  I will post some pictures of the girls all together when they finally arrive.


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Following on from 'mydollfamily' site for 16" dolls, this website especially for Tonner American Model dolls. What can I say: I am hooked :-)

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