Kit and Jon’s First Date

 Kit and Jon met for lunch on their first date, and they looked so sweet together!  Kit’s body language suggests that she is completely infatuated with Jon, but hey, who wouldn’t be?  She touched his arm, shoulder and face,  and even brushed his hair back from his face – all good signs in the dating game.

At one point Jon leaned in close to whisper in Kit’s ear and there was a ripple of excitement from the photographers.  I think they were as excited as Kit and full of hope that this date, might lead to more for the gorgeous couple.

But that isn’t where it ends…Jon was seen leaving Kits apartment the following morning, followed by a ‘mussed’ haired Kit!  They posed for photos and seemed very comfortable with each other and were on the way to get lunch somewhere quiet (date number two).

Everyone is hoping that Jon may have found the girl of his dreams, as so far he has been reluctant to settle down, I’d like to just say “Jon, please don’t hurt our lovely Kit”

Photographs can be seen at:

Jon and Kit


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Following on from 'mydollfamily' site for 16" dolls, this website especially for Tonner American Model dolls. What can I say: I am hooked :-)

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