Shop, Shop, Shop, Shop, SHOPPING!

I caught up with a few of the girls out shopping yesterday and introduced them to some of the guys (who weren’t shopping).

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The girls couldn’t spare much time because they were eager to get to the shops!

Andy Mills

Andy and Lacey

Andy Mills was welcomed by Lacey, who modelled various dresses and wigs.   Andy looked very smart in his pin striped suit, and the added accessory (Lacey) complemented him perfectly.

Kit and Jon <3

Kit and Jon were spotted walking around the old castle ruins in Hambridge today. 

Kit and Jon

They still look very much in love and our best wishes are sent to them.

Boys are back in town

James (James Collins) and Jules (Phineas Jules Bennet) got in early this morning, both having travelled separately.    The guys had planned a get together so that they could all get to know each other, and even Flynn participated, and was in a very sociable mood.

What better way for guys to get to know each other, than to have a tinker with a motorbike, followed by a ride for those that wanted to/were able to.  They later gathered In a couple of apartments to chew over the cud.

Jerome, Jules, Jon and James

Welcome Home

It has been a very busy day with new arrivals during the morning.

Vida (Ultra Basic Gothic Tyler) was held up at the airport but finally managed to get away yesterday, and spent the whole of the night travelling.   I have discovered that she is the Queen of the Coven being run by High Priestess Eleanor, so I hope to get some more photographs of them when they invite me again.

Ellis and Jacob (My Scene Ellis & River) arrived together, and Jacob is looking forward to meeting up with his twin brother Joshua, who arrived a few days ago.  They have clubbed together to buy a Vespa black Italian scooter, and look forward to having a ride out and also hope to impress the girls.

Flynn (Tron) didn’t have much to say, and seemed to be shattered from his journey.  He has been left to his own devices until he is a bit more approachable 🙂

Ben (Ron Weasley, Harry Potter) has returned from his camping trip, and both his sisters Iona and Marley, were pleased that he is back.  They haven’t told him about ‘Steed’, the Shetland Pony, yet as they want him to settle In first.  Marley’s best friend Hermione was one of the first to greet him, though his best friend Dorian wasn’t home today.

Marley, Iona and Ben

The final two ladies, also best friends, were Peri (Checkmate Jonquil) and Nicole (Basic Jonquil). They both looked amazing even though they had travelled quite a distance by road.  Peri wore a red wig styled in an updo, with a mint green knee length dress, whilst Nicole had her long hair tied back and wore a floaty pink & white summer dress.

Nicole, Vida, Peri and Ben

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April Showers

Ramona (Fever Angelina) and Alice (Alice Cullen) were out and about in the April showers today, but both of them still managed to look amazing.

Ramona wore a pink knit bodysuit and black skirt under a black and pink polka dot belted jacket.  She wore thigh high black lace up boots to complete her outfit.

Alice wore a hooded trench coat with a beige background, and mosaic circles with cute matching ankle boots!

Alice and Ramona brave the wind and rain

Alice and Ramona

Emme goes shopping

Emme has donned her new faux snakeskin jacket to go on a shopping spree, but as always has difficulty in deciding which bag, or bags, to take with her.   Eventually she decides on a white leather bag and enlists the help of her niece Kyra to carry any packages.

Kyra and her Aunt Emme

Emme has treated herself, amongst other things, to a beautiful gold and crystal choker which looks amazing and she has also bought a Zintendo ZS for Kyra as a “thank you” for her help.  Kyra is really pleased with her gift and gives her Aunt Emme a big hug.

 After unpacking all of her purchases  it is time for Emme to take Kyra home, and they each wear a pair of Emme’s sunglasses to look good (not because the sun was shining, because it wasn’t).

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Bicycle Restoration

Hermione and Dorian

Dorian has decided to repaint a couple of old bicycles and enlisted the help of Hermione who got stuck in and helped to dismantle them. 

They have primed the bikes and left them to dry before deciding on the final colour. 

Just between us the primer coat could be better, but I won’t tell if you won’t.

Pony Club

Iona has purchased a miniature seven year old Shetland pony for her sister Marley and brother Ben to learn to ride.  The pony, named “Steed”, is white with black markings on his legs and nose, and his mane and tail are white

Marley invited some friends around to take rides and they had a great time, but Ben is away on a school camping trip and will be very surprised when he gets home.

What a great sister Iona is 🙂

Pictures can be seen on:

Marley, Hermione, Iona, Dorian, Libby & Kyra

Initiation Ceremony

Eleanor was a member of a Coven for some considerable time when due to an expansion in numbers the coven was split (there can only be up to 13 wiccans). She decided to start her own Coven and was given the position of High Priestess by the Queen, who we hope to meet when she attends one of Eleanor’s meetings. 

Of all of the interested Seekers only four have been initiated so far, bringing the total number in the Coven to seven, and the private ceremony was held in a secluded woodland area.  Eleanor allowed me to take some photographs back at the castle showing her addressing her Covens deity, though we are unable to convey what was being said, and of her welcoming her two Officers into the Coven. 

The High Priestess and her Officers then welcomed the Seekers into the Coven by holding hands and repeating an incantation.  Each member then had time alone with the Deity to give their thanks for being accepted into the Coven.  The High Priestess and her Officers wore black attire, while the four Seekers wore red for the ceremony.

Afterwards the girls were relaxed and chatty, dressed in their day to day clothes, and were no different to anyone else you might pass on the street.  Lots of photographs were taken but unfortunately because the sun was so bright they haven’t turned out too good.  Some will be posted on but apologies in advance for the quality.

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