What a beautiful day

Ethan, Robyn, Victoria and Saffy enjoy the sunshine.

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Gina & Merediths day

Gina (Théâtre de la Mode Gina Royale #82) and Meredith (Honey Antoinette) stopped by to take some photographs today.

Gina is nursing a damaged hand which is temporarily bandaged, but it is hoped that she may be able to have a procedure to make her as good as new at some point in the future.

Meredith has taken good care of her friend and is understandably protective of her.

Gina and Meredith

Abbi visits home with her new beau James

Abbi visited her parents at the weekend, who are very, very rich and they like to think that they retain some control over what their daughter does.

Being the rebel that she is, Abbi had arranged to meet James (her latest beau) at her parents’ house, but wasn’t courteous enough to let her parents know her plans.  Likewise she didn’t tell James that her parents weren’t expecting guests.

Things were a little bit frosty initially, James hadn’t realised how rich they are, or how high their expectations are for Abbi.  The parents were a little shocked at Abbi’s choice of ‘friend ‘because they still hoped that their daughter would marry someone from her own culture.

Abbi loved the situation:  James was squirming as he tried to answer all of the questions directed at him, and feeling increasingly uncomfortable, and her parents trying to make him welcome when it was obvious that they were really upset with Abbi for causing this state of affairs.

You may think that Abbi is a b***h, but she really isn’t, she just rebels against what she feels are “chains” and wants to have the freedom to do what she wants.  Looks like there needs to be some compromise from Abbi, and from her parents  ooeerr…

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Doors & Windows

I have been trying to make more realistic windows and doors for my diorama’s. 

For the front door I used foamboard, but I measured once and cut, instead of following the golden rule of measuring twice and cutting once, and I made a mistake.  Still, it was my first attempt to I’m not going to beat myself up about it 🙂

I found the ‘windows’ in my bits & bobs box, and remember thinking when I put them in there that I must remember how I came by them, but I have since forgotten.  

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Diane Evans


Diane Evans came by yesterday and is hoping to perform live with The Dreamettes (Lorrell, Deena and Effie) when they arrive.


The Travel Agency

Best friends Celeste (Angelina repaint) and CJ (Blue Alice) allowed me to shadow them today to take some photographs.   Celeste is doing temping work which means that she can be based anywhere and her hours of work can be unpredictable, while CJ is working in a travel agency and hopes that it will help her to achieve her ambition to become an air hostess.

Keira, who is working in a local office, arrived at the travel agency to see what might take her fancy, and she finally opted for a walking holiday.  She is hoping that Jane will be available to go along with her, as they tend to do most things together.

Celeste and CJ wanted to book a holiday too, so took the opportunity to do so today.  After much deliberation they decided to go on a cruise, as CJ will get a sizeable discount, and they may not be in a position to afford to do one again in the foreseeable future.  

Jules also popped into the agency and took several holiday brochures away with him, but Celeste thinks that he just called in to see CJ, as she insists that he is sweet on her.

Celeste and CJ had a leisurely lunch at the café before heading back to their respective jobs.  Oh, and CJ brought another pair of shoes which she simply ‘had to have’….

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See more photos on:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/

Sun is shining

Today has been a great day.  Not one but two guys showed up and the girls had LOTS of new clothes to try on.

Male No 1:          Josh (Jonah Hex) has the same athletic body as Nathan (Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly) and while I expected them to be a little bigger, they need a whole different wardrobe, and not even the feet are the same size as the regular guys.  Looks like I will need to spend more money on clothes then.

Male No 2:          Stefan Salvatore…what a handsome guy (regular size, phew) and so confident.  The girls were practically falling over themselves to get close to him.  He seems like a really nice guy too; very polite and well mannered (did I mention how handsome he is?).  He is definitely a keeper.

Clothes:               Well, the girls were spoilt for choice today with the amount of new clothes coming their way.  I had to limit them to one outfit each because they were trying to grab them all!  A few shots were taken for ‘The EDGE’ and they can be seen on http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/

Models for ‘The EDGE’