Autumn Days

Now that the leaves are falling from the tree’s adults and children alike, delight in the autumnul days.

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Antoinette Selection

With fourteen Antoinette’s all living under one roof, I thought that I would try to capture a photograph of them all together.  Easier said than done because they don’t keep still long enough for me to get a good shot of them all!

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Tonner Antoinette Selection

School Field Trip

The girls were more excited than usual to be going to school today because they were going on a trip to the castle grounds.  The reason for the excitement was that they didn’t have to wear school uniform, so they all planned to wear jeans.  Of course the school do not allow make up or jewellery to be worn, but you may spot one or two flouting the rules!

You may also spot four young men in one of the group shots, these are the guys that some of the girls met at the Common earlier this week (they sneaked into shot as the photo was being taken).  The school also has a policy of no boys, but this is another rule that often gets flouted.

I managed to get a few shots before ‘Sir’ (Mr Worthington) asked me to leave, to allow the girls to get on with their lesson (oops).

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Irina and Friends

Irina had an afternoon free so invited Sherrel, Codey and Odette to come around.  The girls read some magazines and passed time gossiping.

After a while they became restless so decided to go down to the common.   Irina changed into her jeans, while Odette popped home to do the same.

Codey produced a skipping rope, which made everyone laugh as it was so unexpected.  She showed the girls how to do it, after which they all wanted to have a go!

Odette then did a headstand but before the others were tempted to try that too, she spotted someone coming towards them…boys!

Fabian had raced ahead of his cousins and was first to arrive at where the girls were standing.  He introduced himself to them and began to flirt with Irina, even though just recently he was going out with Sophie.

His cousins Andy & Blake (twin brothers) soon caught up with them all and they hung out together until early evening when it started to get cooler, and the girls called it a day.

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Peaceful Evening In

Seichan, Aiko and Sachi had planned an evening in, where they could just hang out together.

Sachi cooked the evening meal for the three of them after which they were going to play board games, but it took them so long to choose which game to play, that they were literally bored before they even started!

Aiko and Sachi then played a couple of card games while Seichan looked on, though she chose not to play.

Once the games and cards had been cleared away Seichan got her sewing kit out, to complete the dress that she has been making.  She modelled it for the girls, who were trying to watch a ‘girlie’ film on TV, so she didn’t get much of a response.

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Seichan & Aiko Babysit

Lottie was feeling too poorly to go to ‘Lola’s Daycare’ so her Mommy asked Seichan if she could look after her.  Seichan agreed immediately as she loved having her niece to play with, and when Aiko found out she too stayed home to babysit Lottie.

They tried to tempt her to eat but she couldn’t manage it, though she did drink plenty of fluids.  She had a nap during the afternoon and when she woke up Sachi (cousin of Aiko & Seichan) came round to visit, bringing her niece Tish to play with Lottie.  Poor Lottie wasn’t really well enough to play but she did enjoy having story time.

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School Dayz

Some of the students from “Adcote Hall Private School for Girls” have been involved in a project to help the aged in the community.  It was a perfect opportunity for me to take some casual photographs of the girls as the school do not normally allow it.

The older students have a ‘chillaxing room’ where they can go between studies and they allowed me to have a peek.  It is fabulous with lots of luscious scatter cushions and books galore.

The building dates back to the late 1800’s and caters for both boarders and day students and it stands in 10 acres of landscaped gardens, including a walled garden.

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