Vita – Photoshoot

Vita and I spent the day together to get some shots of her, to see what suits and what (if anything) doesn’t.

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Horsman Urban Vita in the buff

Vita is my introduction to Horsman dolls and she arrived today.  I’m not sure yet how and where she fits in with my other ladies but we did a photoshoot today, to see how she poses.

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My love / hate relationship with Antoinette

Once upon a time not so very long ago, I bought my initial Antoinette doll.  When she arrived I was not very enamoured with her, as she looked sullen and I found her difficult to photograph.  I tried to persevere with her and took lots of photographs to find out how best to model her, but I still couldn’t feel the love for her and she was mainly left to one side.   She is “Wanton Antoinette”.

Tonner Wanton Antoinette

When I was tempted by another Antoinette I was torn as to whether to buy her.  Yes, she looked fantastic in the advertising pictures but would she look so good ‘in the flesh’ so to speak?   I went ahead and bought this one too, and she is “Wilful Antoinette” and that is when my love for her sparked.



I can now admit to being fully in love with this young lady and tend to photograph one or another Antoinette every day.  It is strange how a doll lover can look at a doll and see their individuality and build a relationship with them isn’t it 🙂   See more:

Year 7 Group Shot

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Father Christmas

Father Christmas turned up with a sackful of gifts for the children over the festive period.  Some of the younger ones were a bit overwhelmed but the older kids thought it was great fun.  More pictures on:

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Willow & Daisy

Willow and Daisy have been modelling for a company advertising summer holidays.  They wore swimsuits and light summer wear even though the temperatures were freezing.  Between shots they were wrapped in blankets, with hot water bottles, and given hot drinks but it didn’t stop the girls teeth from chattering.  That is dedication 🙂

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