Vita Richards at Work

Vita has been working for a well known news agency for a while now, and because she has done so well the CEO (who is a personal friend of her family) has asked her to look after his newest team.

She makes appointments, rings up leads, types up articles, proof reads, looks after expenses, checks other magazines & newspapers for interesting stories and as such has the title of ‘PA’ (Personal Assistant).

The team she looks after consists of Tarah, Connie and Gia, and since she started to help out it seems that all three have reason to be out of the office for the biggest part of each day.  Vita doesn’t mind that at all because she can get on with things without any distractions.

Vita has a ‘thing’ about eye glasses, the way some girls have a ‘thing’ about shoes.  She has no idea how many she owns but it is probably twenty or thirty pairs.

She also has a ‘thing’ for wigs and likes how they make her feel anonymous, like a different person whenever she feels the need.


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Beautiful repainted Ladies

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