Up Ahead (Unit No 7)

Lyra & Eliette have formed a partnership to rent this unit that will focus on ladies wigs and glasses.  They have both completed hair & beauty training courses and are eager to get started.

They are fitting the wigs where requested, and offer a ‘wash & swap’ service whereby the wigs can be returned, to swap for another one or simply to wash & style for the customer.

On their first day of opening they had four customers: Kym (rents another unit), Ragna, Honey and Diana and each left with a brand new look.

Mall Up Ahead 001Mall Up Ahead 022Mall Up Ahead 073Mall Up Ahead 079Mall Up Ahead 089Mall Up Ahead 097Mall Up Ahead 140Mall Up Ahead 147Mall Up Ahead 152Mall Up Ahead 158

Mall Up Ahead 113

Mall Up Ahead 123

Mall Up Ahead 124Mall Up Ahead 173Mall Up Ahead 187Mall Up Ahead 194Mall Up Ahead 196

More photographs at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/


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Following on from 'mydollfamily' site for 16" dolls, this website especially for Tonner American Model dolls. What can I say: I am hooked :-)

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