Knitted Cardigan

Well,I decided to try my hand at knitting as it is thirty years since I last did it.  I thought a cardigan for autumn for my BJD EID girls would be nice.

Without a pattern I started to knit and just continued on & on, holding it against one of the big girls to check for size.  I based the style on designs made by ‘Per Una’ which I love.

So, when I sewed it together it was a bit of a shock that  it was nowhere near big enough…eh?  what happened there?

Luckily I have dolls of all sizes and the cardigan fit the 16″ ladies really well.  knitted-cardigan-016

It is modelled by Bethany, a Ficon Beta repainted by Zoo.

I have now started knitting another, with more stitches,and it looks too big…Oh well I can always undo it and start again if I need to.  For now it is keeping me occupied


About Dollz
Following on from 'mydollfamily' site for 16" dolls, this website especially for Tonner American Model dolls. What can I say: I am hooked :-)

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