Annual Antoinette Audit

Photographs of all of my gorgeous Antoinette’s are now on FLCKR.

I am always looking for Antoinette repaints  🙂

Antoinette group repaints final 017A - Copy

Shown above are the repainted ladies.

See all Antoinette’s at:  Antoinette

The 1st Antoinette Repaint of 2017

Antoinette repaint Diandra by Yu 033

Antoinette Montage

Antoinette Montage

This weekend was spent dressing & styling my many Antoinette dolls with the aim of photographing them as a group.  I hadn’t realized how many there are, and I may have to do two, or more, group shots.

I had fun fiddling about copying, and resizing the individual photographs I took making doll sized magazines, and the montage shown above.

The cover of the magazine was created free of charge from website ( for magazine covers). They have lots of other things to make too (I am not associated with the site in any way),

I will be adding more full size pictures of my Antoinette ladies to my FLCKR account soon.

Antoinette shoot 2017 (B) 018

Glowing Muse (Bloom, Cameo & Honey)

Happy New Year

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Isabella is an Antoinette repainted by Dalila




She is seated next to fireplace that is being made for the Christmas display


A well known company have made a fireplace with a Christmas tree selling for £60, so I decided to make one (even if it is just cardboard).

Isabella liked it enough  🙂



More at:  Home Office or FLCKR

American Model – Paige’s Instagram Account

You can read about Paige’s Instagram account on the following link:  Paige’s Instagram Account

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The Sewing Room

Deja Vu Sewing Room (36)

Read about the sewing room:  The Sewing Room

A death, and a mystery, in the family

It is quite a while since the last update out of respect for the sensitive nature of events that unfolded a little over a year ago. [read more at American Model]American Model Bad News 064

Deja Vu: The Laundry (x 2)

Two laundry rooms: one is ‘Our Generation’ and the other is not   😉

Deja Vu: The Laundry

Laundry, Sewing & craft rooms 025Laundry Set 1