Doll Room

My doll room used to be very organised with boxed Barbie doll & friends lining the walls from floor to ceiling.  Undressed dolls, or dolls waiting for TLC , are stored in a chest of drawers and two wardrobes.

When the larger dolls started to arrive it was fine, they slotted in amongst the Barbie dolls, but I soon began to run out of space and I now have no room left other than a narrow walkway.

The doll room doesn’t have all of the doll boxes, backdrops, accessories and items for dioramas, they are filling up another room.  This photograph should embarrass me into thinning down my collection…

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Doll Room

Doll Room

Effie, Diane, Lorrell and Deena

All too quickly it was time for Diane to depart after her visit to best friend Effie, and the two other ladies that made up the Dreamettes (Lorrell and Deena).

They ate at the Lakeside Restaurant before spending the evening together at Effies apartment.  The following morning Effie made breakfast for them all, then they managed to fit in some time for therapeutic shopping before visiting Lola’s Nursery (which Diane helps to raise money for).

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Lola’s Daycare

It has been a busy few days with lots happening, not least that Lola has finally opened her day-care nursery.  She has enlisted the help of Peri on a temporary basis who has got a manner with babies and toddlers, they love her.

Kyra and Libby were allowed to go in to help too and they loved being able to play with the little ones.  Tish and Lottie are to die for – they are so cute!  I could take photographs of them all day. 

Lola has five babies and two pre-school children at the moment, but believes that once word gets round about the nursery she will get more customers.

They all seemed to be happy enough while I was there, apart from Lottie tripping over her own feet, and a cuddle from Peri soon sorted that out.

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