American Model – Paige’s Instagram Account

You can read about Paige’s Instagram account on the following link:  Paige’s Instagram Account

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The Sewing Room

Deja Vu Sewing Room (36)

Read about the sewing room:  The Sewing Room


OOAK DIORAMA SECRETS  – ‘early bird weekend special’ that ends Tuesday April 26th


On Monday, April 25th (@1 PM EST), this book will be available for sale for $19.95 for only a day to fans. Then the price will return to it’s original of $29.95.

I have collaborated with other diorama artists in this huge ebook project guaranteed to blow your mind, compiled by Angela Ooaksecrets. It’s a digital ebook with 500+ PAGES of step-by-step tutorials on how to create many aspects of dioramas including doors, rooms, windows, fireplace with (illusion) crackling fire, miniature food, and so much more!

Mark your calendars and this page as I’ll reveal the website link when it’s ready for order!

Until then, if you have questions about my contributing part, feel free to ask 🙂

BJD A Garden & props (34)


More lovely Antoinette repaints

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The very beautiful Luisa Ménendez, the Marquesa De Vitoria and her sisters Inés, Marquesa De Galicia, and Paola, Marquesa de Cenete met recently and it was the first time they had spent any time together for quite a while as they each received education in different countries.  Whilst Inés & Paola would spend summer holidays with their family, Luisa (the older of the sisters) chose to travel.  All three would go home for Christmas but Luisa would only stay for a couple of days before flying off again.

Luisa studied medicine for 5 years in Milan and did her 6th and final year in Paris, and is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian and English.

Inés received all of her university education in London where she studied politics for 4 years, and she is fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, English and Arabic.

Paola attended the top fashion college in the world:  Central Saint Martins in London, England.  Previous students include Stella McCartney, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen.  Paola is also fluent in Spanish, French, Italian, English and is studying Mandarin.

Marquesa Paola & Inés & Luisa

Marquesa Paola & Inés & Luisa


Christmas Eve

Beverly and Séimí have met up for the Christmas celebrations, this year hosted by Séimí’s parents.  The girls see so little of each other now because their careers have taken them so far apart, that they cherish every moment when they are together.  Their first task is to decorate the poor excuse for a tree that is in Séimí’s fathers office  🙂

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All Star Liu Liu is wearing part of the Wilde Imagination “Miss Understood” outfit.

Liu Liu

Liu Liu


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