Sun is shining

Today has been a great day.  Not one but two guys showed up and the girls had LOTS of new clothes to try on.

Male No 1:          Josh (Jonah Hex) has the same athletic body as Nathan (Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly) and while I expected them to be a little bigger, they need a whole different wardrobe, and not even the feet are the same size as the regular guys.  Looks like I will need to spend more money on clothes then.

Male No 2:          Stefan Salvatore…what a handsome guy (regular size, phew) and so confident.  The girls were practically falling over themselves to get close to him.  He seems like a really nice guy too; very polite and well mannered (did I mention how handsome he is?).  He is definitely a keeper.

Clothes:               Well, the girls were spoilt for choice today with the amount of new clothes coming their way.  I had to limit them to one outfit each because they were trying to grab them all!  A few shots were taken for ‘The EDGE’ and they can be seen on

Models for ‘The EDGE’

Welcome Home

It has been a very busy day with new arrivals during the morning.

Vida (Ultra Basic Gothic Tyler) was held up at the airport but finally managed to get away yesterday, and spent the whole of the night travelling.   I have discovered that she is the Queen of the Coven being run by High Priestess Eleanor, so I hope to get some more photographs of them when they invite me again.

Ellis and Jacob (My Scene Ellis & River) arrived together, and Jacob is looking forward to meeting up with his twin brother Joshua, who arrived a few days ago.  They have clubbed together to buy a Vespa black Italian scooter, and look forward to having a ride out and also hope to impress the girls.

Flynn (Tron) didn’t have much to say, and seemed to be shattered from his journey.  He has been left to his own devices until he is a bit more approachable 🙂

Ben (Ron Weasley, Harry Potter) has returned from his camping trip, and both his sisters Iona and Marley, were pleased that he is back.  They haven’t told him about ‘Steed’, the Shetland Pony, yet as they want him to settle In first.  Marley’s best friend Hermione was one of the first to greet him, though his best friend Dorian wasn’t home today.

Marley, Iona and Ben

The final two ladies, also best friends, were Peri (Checkmate Jonquil) and Nicole (Basic Jonquil). They both looked amazing even though they had travelled quite a distance by road.  Peri wore a red wig styled in an updo, with a mint green knee length dress, whilst Nicole had her long hair tied back and wore a floaty pink & white summer dress.

Nicole, Vida, Peri and Ben

As always, more photographs on