Autumn Days

Now that the leaves are falling from the tree’s adults and children alike, delight in the autumnul days.

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Boys are back in town

James (James Collins) and Jules (Phineas Jules Bennet) got in early this morning, both having travelled separately.    The guys had planned a get together so that they could all get to know each other, and even Flynn participated, and was in a very sociable mood.

What better way for guys to get to know each other, than to have a tinker with a motorbike, followed by a ride for those that wanted to/were able to.  They later gathered In a couple of apartments to chew over the cud.

Jerome, Jules, Jon and James

Kit and Jon still going strong (I think)

Kit and Jon invited me to Kit’s apartment today to take a few photographs.  They look so good together.   Kit had prepared a light meal for them both, followed by huge trifle for dessert  🙂

After the meal Jon played some tunes on his guitar and Jerome turned up unexpectedly.  He asked to have a go with the guitar and practically serenaded Kit, right in front of Jon, who was understandably a little put out.

Once Jerome had left Kit assured Jon that she had eyes for him only and after a kiss and cuddle Jon felt better.

Jerome, Jon and Kit

What is going on with Jerome?  I think he just likes the fairer sex and is a huge flirt, but wouldn’t go beyond flirting, surely…

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