Emme goes shopping

Emme has donned her new faux snakeskin jacket to go on a shopping spree, but as always has difficulty in deciding which bag, or bags, to take with her.   Eventually she decides on a white leather bag and enlists the help of her niece Kyra to carry any packages.

Kyra and her Aunt Emme

Emme has treated herself, amongst other things, to a beautiful gold and crystal choker which looks amazing and she has also bought a Zintendo ZS for Kyra as a “thank you” for her help.  Kyra is really pleased with her gift and gives her Aunt Emme a big hug.

 After unpacking all of her purchases  it is time for Emme to take Kyra home, and they each wear a pair of Emme’s sunglasses to look good (not because the sun was shining, because it wasn’t).

Pictures on http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/

Sneak Peek

I managed to get a sneak peek into Emme and Alex’s abodes recently, when they were being interviewed by a reporter from a magazine.  Both ladies were relaxed in their PJs and we had a small insight into how they live.

Emme has a passion for knitting but has recently had a kitten, which is really cute but very mischievous, and I don’t think she’ll get much knitting done with him around…

Alex was taking a break from her hobby of dressmaking, and rooted through her bookcase until she found a book to settle down with.

More pictures are available on http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/



Carrie and Parker arrive.

Carrie and Parker arrived today, and I have no intention of adding anyone else to my collection in the near future….oops, I AM expecting Strider (Aragorn) of Lord of the Rings fame, but he really must be the last 🙂 he is so good looking!!!

The girls weren’t tired and spent the entire afternoon sorting through wardrobes full of clothes, along with Hermione and Jade.  There are a lot of clothes and not enough wardrobe space.

These guys and gals have several wardrobes:

  • Marley and friends x one
  • Matt & friends x one
  • Emme x one
  • Revlon and 13″ friends x four
  • Tyler & friends x three
  • Cami & friends x three
  • Gene & Madame Alexander x one
  • 16″ Ladies Ball gowns x one

I have started to make my own wardrobes now as they are just too expensive to buy and there is still need for a couple more (one to store all of their coats in).

They posed for a few photos this afternoon (well, two hundred & twenty nine to be precise…) so I will add some to my FLCKR account:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/sets/

Thats all for now, busy, busy, busy.