Up Ahead (Unit No 7)

Lyra & Eliette have formed a partnership to rent this unit that will focus on ladies wigs and glasses.  They have both completed hair & beauty training courses and are eager to get started.

They are fitting the wigs where requested, and offer a ‘wash & swap’ service whereby the wigs can be returned, to swap for another one or simply to wash & style for the customer.

On their first day of opening they had four customers: Kym (rents another unit), Ragna, Honey and Diana and each left with a brand new look.

Mall Up Ahead 001Mall Up Ahead 022Mall Up Ahead 073Mall Up Ahead 079Mall Up Ahead 089Mall Up Ahead 097Mall Up Ahead 140Mall Up Ahead 147Mall Up Ahead 152Mall Up Ahead 158

Mall Up Ahead 113

Mall Up Ahead 123

Mall Up Ahead 124Mall Up Ahead 173Mall Up Ahead 187Mall Up Ahead 194Mall Up Ahead 196

More photographs at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/

All Made Up – x – (Unit No 4)

Millie has the 4th unit that caters to women wanting to have their make up applied by make up artists and also sells make up, perfumes and toiletries.  Millie has Rose as a casual assistant, and for now they are working out how busy they are likely to be, and how often.  It is obviously very early days but so far business is looking good.

Today, Rose is applying make up to Julianne who is letting her experiment a little with colours & styles.  Millie is taking care of Leigh who is happy to keep her make up the way she would normally wear it (she admits that she isn’t very adventurous 🙂 ).

Kym (from unit 1) popped in but the ladies were too busy to fit her in to have her make up done, so she just kind of hung around under the pretense of buying items… 🙂

More photographs at:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/

All made up 0001 All made up 002 All made up 098 All made up 150 All made up 154 All made up 209 All made up 212 All made up 276 All made up 287 All made up 295 All made up 296

Girls Toys – Louise (Unit No 2)

Louise has unit 2 and is selling girls toys.  She didn’t deliberately discriminate between girls & boys, but the units can’t carry much stock due to their size, so she had to pick one or the other.  She didn’t need to worry either way because another unit was quickly snapped up to sell boys toys.

The owner of the units allows the tenants to choose from a rather small choice of furnishings with the idea of keeping them looking similar purely for aesthetics.

You may spot Kym, from unit 1, taking an interest in the store; she followed her own customer who purchased some Tarot cards.

More photographs at:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/

Girls Toys (01) Girls Toys (2) Girls Toys (3) Girls Toys (4) Girls Toys (5) Girls Toys (6) Girls Toys (10) Girls Toys (63) Girls Toys (88)

Kym’s Kraft Ko (Unit No 1)

A small number of units have opened in a shopping mall, one of which is rented by Kym and she has named it “Kym’s Kraft Ko”.

Kym is quick to point out that it isn’t a ‘craft’ store (spelled with a C) but rather somewhere to find what you weren’t looking for…  She likes all things eclectic and her store is a typical example.

One customer, Keiko,  even shared her taste and they have agreed to meet up for coffee and to discuss Kym’s latest finds for her store.

More pictures on: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/

Kims Kraft Ko (01)

Kims Kraft Ko (83) Kims Kraft Ko (143) Kims Kraft Ko (237) Kims Kraft Ko (291) Kims Kraft Ko (301) Kims Kraft Ko (318)

Vita Richards at Work

Vita has been working for a well known news agency for a while now, and because she has done so well the CEO (who is a personal friend of her family) has asked her to look after his newest team.

She makes appointments, rings up leads, types up articles, proof reads, looks after expenses, checks other magazines & newspapers for interesting stories and as such has the title of ‘PA’ (Personal Assistant).

The team she looks after consists of Tarah, Connie and Gia, and since she started to help out it seems that all three have reason to be out of the office for the biggest part of each day.  Vita doesn’t mind that at all because she can get on with things without any distractions.

Vita has a ‘thing’ about eye glasses, the way some girls have a ‘thing’ about shoes.  She has no idea how many she owns but it is probably twenty or thirty pairs.

She also has a ‘thing’ for wigs and likes how they make her feel anonymous, like a different person whenever she feels the need.


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Vita – Photoshoot

Vita and I spent the day together to get some shots of her, to see what suits and what (if anything) doesn’t.

Lots more photos on:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/

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Horsman Urban Vita in the buff

Vita is my introduction to Horsman dolls and she arrived today.  I’m not sure yet how and where she fits in with my other ladies but we did a photoshoot today, to see how she poses.

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More photos on:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/tonner_etc/