New Year, New Ladies

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Its Snowing


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New BJD Ladies for July

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The Bar: BJD Sponsored Head Shave

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Lee & Kyle

Lee & Kyle

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BJD JS Lee & Kyle Drinks 1


OOAK DIORAMA SECRETS  – ‘early bird weekend special’ that ends Tuesday April 26th


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Mark your calendars and this page as I’ll reveal the website link when it’s ready for order!

Until then, if you have questions about my contributing part, feel free to ask 🙂

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Daisy’s Diner

Sisters Jenny and Carole were left a legacy by their grandma Daisy, who passed away peacefully two years ago.  They have been talking about investing their money, along with their mother, into a business for quite some time but didn’t know what type of business.

They eventually agreed upon a place to eat, as their grandma had been a fabulous cook and had left lots of recipes that could be followed.  She had met her husband (their grandfather) in a diner so they had decided to use that as a theme, and ‘Daisy’s Diner’ was born.  Their mother, Donna, would do the catering and Carole & Jenny would share the running of the diner.

They had found a suitable location, had it fitted out and were ready to go!


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Donna had had a busy time with food preparation, but her daughters had helped out where they could.  She loved her mother (Daisy’s) cakes and took special pride in making those.  Besides ‘real’ and ‘healthy’ food, Donna had to provide fast food in line with the diner theme.

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The girls carried food and drinks through to the diner and it started to feel very real.  This was their  business and it had to succeed for the memory of their grandma.

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This was it – time to open up.

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Their very first customer was Erynne who was very pleased with the welcome she received.  She had  time to spare before her job interview and was pleased that this new ‘eatery’ had opened up.  She ordered coffee and found a place to read her magazine hoping it would calm her nerves.

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Next to arrive was Miss Choi (Hyejin to her friends) and Jenny couldn’t believe:

  1. how tall she was
  2. they had a famous actress as a customer

Trying to be professional, Jenny led Hyejin to a table and quietly asked her to sign her autograph on the back of a menu [Carole doesn’t know about that].

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Immediately after Miss Choi’s arrival, Ling Lan arrived.  Ling Lan was an artist and her work had just recently been shown in a popular magazine.  Jenny led the way to where Miss Choi was seated bursting with excitement.  Two famous people. Wow.

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Jenny & Carole positioned themselves by the door and window to see who else might arrive.  Jenny had heard Ling Lan ask Miss Choi if ‘the others’ were coming.

Jenny and Carole

Jenny and Carole

They didn’t have long to wait when not one, but two, famous models arrived.  Ginny & Grace were two of the hottest models right now.  You couldn’t open a magazine without one of them being featured in it.

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The ladies chatted for a while over their lunch, then Jenny asked if they would mind if she took a couple of photo’s.   Of course, the ladies didn’t mind at all, though Carole wasn’t too happy about it.

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Meanwhile, Carole and Jenny had been getting to know Erynne a little better, and it transpired that she was a fashion designer, and the interview that she was going for would be a step up in the world of fashion.  Erynne was super impressed that famous people had been in the diner and shared with Carole & Jenny that there was a very famous agency just minutes away from the diner.  Its location was super secret because they didn’t want people turning up hoping for fame. So, it seems the diner is in a very exclusive area and might be frequented by other famous faces!

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Miss Choi stayed behind for a little while after her friends had left; she was fascinated by the juke box.

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Anais’ new apartment

Anais moved into her new brighter, lighter, trendier apartment, and one of the first things on her ‘to do’ list was to invite her friends around.

BJD Anais' new apartment 001BJD Anais' new apartment 008

The ladies loved it and were encouraging Anais to have a housewarming party, but Anais isn’t too sure about having lots of people in her new shiny home.

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In case you are wondering why the ladies always seem to be similarly dressed, it is because they plan ahead!  seriously 😀

BJD Anais' new apartment 027 BJD Anais' new apartment 029 BJD Anais' new apartment 030

A final look:

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Anais’ lunch date

Anais is leaving her small apartment and has invited friends across for lunch one last time.  She prepares everything and still has lots of time to spare, so takes Duke for a walk on the common.

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Once back home she gets her breath back and does a last minute tidy and check of the apartment, before getting changed.

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She doesn’t have long to wait before the ladies arrive:

Anais' Lunch Date 046


Anais' Lunch Date 054

Miss Choi

Anais' Lunch Date 057


Anais' Lunch Date 068


After lunch they decide to leave their ‘mark’ on Anais’ wall…

Anais' Lunch Date 078 Anais' Lunch Date 081 Anais' Lunch Date 083

Then while sitting around to chat, they take snapshots of each other 🙂

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