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Gemma Garrett started out as a singing/dance/piano teacher but after securing lottery funding has recently opened her dance academy and offers lessons for individuals or groups. She is qualified to teach all forms of dance and thus far has been kept very busy.


Whenever she has time to spare in her busy schedule, Carrie Tokyo takes classes for Gemma and the experience she gained in the West End has been invaluable to aspiring dancers.




Another star of the West End, Porschia Graham, is the latest to have helped out with a couple of classes. Sisters Shauna and Meghan did a lesson alongside her, and it wasn’t long before they stopped what they were doing to watch her. A true dancer is captivating and beautiful to watch.

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Gemma says that when her pupils see West End stars ‘in the flesh’ it gives them something to aspire to.

Ballet C (92)


We looked in on a ballet class and there were several girls that show promise and may be future stars: Larraine and Malia gave particularly beautiful performances.

Ballet C (91)

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Gems Dance Academy 4

Kit and Jon <3

Kit and Jon were spotted walking around the old castle ruins in Hambridge today. 

Kit and Jon

They still look very much in love and our best wishes are sent to them.

Kit and Jon still going strong (I think)

Kit and Jon invited me to Kit’s apartment today to take a few photographs.  They look so good together.   Kit had prepared a light meal for them both, followed by huge trifle for dessert  🙂

After the meal Jon played some tunes on his guitar and Jerome turned up unexpectedly.  He asked to have a go with the guitar and practically serenaded Kit, right in front of Jon, who was understandably a little put out.

Once Jerome had left Kit assured Jon that she had eyes for him only and after a kiss and cuddle Jon felt better.

Jerome, Jon and Kit

What is going on with Jerome?  I think he just likes the fairer sex and is a huge flirt, but wouldn’t go beyond flirting, surely…

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Kit and Jon’s First Date

 Kit and Jon met for lunch on their first date, and they looked so sweet together!  Kit’s body language suggests that she is completely infatuated with Jon, but hey, who wouldn’t be?  She touched his arm, shoulder and face,  and even brushed his hair back from his face – all good signs in the dating game.

At one point Jon leaned in close to whisper in Kit’s ear and there was a ripple of excitement from the photographers.  I think they were as excited as Kit and full of hope that this date, might lead to more for the gorgeous couple.

But that isn’t where it ends…Jon was seen leaving Kits apartment the following morning, followed by a ‘mussed’ haired Kit!  They posed for photos and seemed very comfortable with each other and were on the way to get lunch somewhere quiet (date number two).

Everyone is hoping that Jon may have found the girl of his dreams, as so far he has been reluctant to settle down, I’d like to just say “Jon, please don’t hurt our lovely Kit”

Photographs can be seen at:

Jon and Kit

Kit’s temping job has benefits!

Kit has been temping at an opticians for the last couple of months, while she takes a break from the cut -throat world of modelling.  She looks after the administration side of the business, helps customers choose new frames, and has a knack of helping people to feel at ease.

It was half day closing today and she offered to stay over to catch up on some outstanding work,for which her boss was very grateful.  She had worked her way through most of the correspondence when the door unexpectedly opened.  She looked up expecting Mr Depp to have returned after having forgotten something (he was getting a little forgetful lately), but it was Mr Depp Junior….Jon.

Kit had heard all about him from other staff members, and some of the female customers.  Well, she could certainly see why they all talked about him, and she became flustered as she introduced herself to him.  He offered his hand so she held hers out to shake, but in the blink of an eye he had pulled her to him and kissed her cheek.  He sat down as though his behaviour was perfectly normal and she followed suit. He said that he needed to dictate an important letter to the MD of a major organisation, and Kit happily agreed to do it.

When Jon was sure that he had covered everything in the letter, he held her hand gently and bid Kit farewell, but not before asking her out on a lunch date!  Kit, surprisingly, agreed and as Jon left she felt like a whirlwind had just whipped through the small shop.  She worried about what she would wear, what they would talk about, and what it would be like to feel his lips aagainst hers.

Kit tried to pull herself together but her mobile rang, and it was Jon confirming the date.  She smiled dreamily as she put her coat on to leave. She wouldn’t be able to concentrate to do any further work so she may as well nip to the hairdressers to tidy up her hair before tomorrow.

I will keep you posted when Kit updates me!