Wedding – Bette & Maxwell

Bette and Maxwell finally tied the knot after weeks of planning all came together for a perfect day.

Bette wore a traditional ‘Patricia Holt’ white scallop-tiered gown with a satin sash and white satin pumps.  She wore rhinestone earrings with matching bracelet and tiara.  Her bouquet consisted of ‘old gold’ roses, deep red roses and white rosebuds.

Matron of honour was Bette’s best friend Joan, who wore a gold dupioni silk suit with gold pumps and carried a posy of deep red roses.

There were six bridesmaids:

Gina, Natalia and Libby wore full length red silk essence dresses and carried posies of ‘old gold’ roses.

Sophie, Saffy and Kyra wore full length gold lame dresses and carried posies of deep red roses.

Maxwell wore a black suit teamed with a white shirt and red tie, and he wore a deep red rose in his lapel.   His best man was Russell and usher was Stefan and they both wore navy pin striped suits, with a deep red rose in their lapel.

The service was held at St. Luke’s church, Belgravia and was followed by a reception for 300 at The George Hotel, also Belgravia.

Bette and Maxwell stayed at the hotel overnight before leaving for their honeymoon in the Bahamas.


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Weekend Variety

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Miscellaneous photographs from the weekend.  More can be seen at:

Guys and Gals

Rhema, her sister Carmen, and friends Gina and Natalia had planned to meet up.  Gina had hoped that her sister Sophie would be able to meet too, but she wasn’t able to make it, so Gina was especially pleased that her cousin (Natalia) would be there.

They spent the afternoon together before going out for drinks in the evening and by all accounts they had a fab time.  They all went back to Gina’s house afterwards where Russell had arranged to pick Rhema up, and he and Stefan were playing cards.  It wasn’t long before the ladies managed to distract the men from their game.

Stefan and Gina got on very well together and even shared a kiss at the end of the night, though one person didn’t look too happy about it (Carmen…).  It looks like another romance has blossomed 🙂

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Mr Russell & Mrs Rhema Williams (Basic Russell Williams & Chase Model Jac)

Russell and Rhema are a wonderful couple that have recently moved in, and they agreed to let me take some photographs of them.  It is very apparent how much they love and care for each other.  They say every picture is worth a thousand words so here goes:

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