Anais’ new apartment

Anais moved into her new brighter, lighter, trendier apartment, and one of the first things on her ‘to do’ list was to invite her friends around.

BJD Anais' new apartment 001BJD Anais' new apartment 008

The ladies loved it and were encouraging Anais to have a housewarming party, but Anais isn’t too sure about having lots of people in her new shiny home.

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In case you are wondering why the ladies always seem to be similarly dressed, it is because they plan ahead! ¬†seriously ūüėÄ

BJD Anais' new apartment 027 BJD Anais' new apartment 029 BJD Anais' new apartment 030

A final look:

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Anais’ lunch date

Anais is leaving her small apartment and has invited friends across for lunch one last time.  She prepares everything and still has lots of time to spare, so takes Duke for a walk on the common.

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Once back home she gets her breath back and does a last minute tidy and check of the apartment, before getting changed.

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She doesn’t have long to wait before the ladies arrive:

Anais' Lunch Date 046


Anais' Lunch Date 054

Miss Choi

Anais' Lunch Date 057


Anais' Lunch Date 068


After lunch they decide to leave their ‘mark’ on Anais’ wall…

Anais' Lunch Date 078 Anais' Lunch Date 081 Anais' Lunch Date 083

Then while sitting around to chat, they take snapshots of each other ūüôā

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Anais McKnight

Introducing Anais McKnight. who started as “Amethyst Factor Anais” prior to being repainted by Tracy Weston.

Before and After

All Made Up – x – (Unit No 4)

Millie has the 4th unit that caters to women wanting to have their make up applied by make up artists and also sells make up, perfumes and toiletries.  Millie has Rose as a casual assistant, and for now they are working out how busy they are likely to be, and how often.  It is obviously very early days but so far business is looking good.

Today, Rose is applying make up to Julianne who is letting her experiment a little with colours & styles. ¬†Millie is taking care of Leigh who is happy to keep her make up the way she would normally wear it (she admits that she isn’t very adventurous ūüôā ).

Kym (from unit 1) popped in but the ladies were too busy to fit her in to have her make up done, so she just kind of hung around under the pretense¬†of buying items… ūüôā

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Book Worm by Loulia (Unit No 3)

Loulia has always loved books and when she was a child her Mother would call her ‘her little book worm’. ¬†Sadly her Mother passed away before Loulia had finished blossoming into a woman, but every time Loulia read a book she remembered her.

After struggling with life and the responsibilities it brings, Loulia finally decided to match her interest in books to making some money, and that brings us to unit 3 of the mall:  Book Worm by Loulia.

Loulia’s good friend¬†Saffron¬†visited on the opening day, along with Ethan and Tiffany. ¬†Ethan made the most of his time with the girls, soaking up the compliments Tiffany & Saffron¬†gave him. ¬†Loulia knew that he already had a girlfriend so for her it was ‘business as usual’ and no flirting, but strangely Ethan seemed to make a bee line for her. ¬†Weird…

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A day at home

With it being a miserable, wet day the girls relaxed at home

Repaints (1) Repaints (2) Repaints (3) Repaints




Here is Saffron, a gorgeous epaint by Tracy Weston

More photo’s will be on:

Antoinette Repaint by Dalila