Riley’s Play Date

Riley’s Mom & Dad were having an afternoon outing and had roped in Amelie and Tiffany to babysit Riley.  When best friends Amelie and Tiffany accepted the job they hadn’t realised that Riley had a pre-arranged play date with two friends.

Riley was playing really nicely with Milly and Tish when Amelie decided that the three friends could share an Easter egg while they were playing outdoors (less mess inside the house…).  She bought the one that was wrapped in shiny blue paper and placed the pieces in front of Riley.

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Well, as soon as the chocolate was put down Milly decided it was hers, all hers.  She made a grab for it and Riley put her arm out to try and stop her taking it.   Milly saw this as an infringement and started to lash out at Riley.

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Tiffany knelt down and stopped the girls and explained why they shouldn’t be fighting each other, then she removed the egg until their behaviour was better.  Milly then went into a sulk and turned her back on Riley, who made the most of the opportunity to give a yank on Milly’s ponytail!

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All this time Tish had been as good as gold, and just carried on playing on her own.  Riley said sorry to Amelie, and that was enough for Amelie to pick her up and give her a cuddle.  When Milly saw this, she said sorry to Tiffany who knew what the little minx was up to, but found her beguiling.

Spring Mixture 104

Amelie, Riley and Tiffany

Spring Mixture 107

Amelie, Riley and Tiffany

Spring Mixture 110

Amelie, Riley, Tiffany and Milly

Spring Mixture 128

Tiffany and Milly

Spring Mixture 133

Amelie, Riley, Tiffany and Milly

Spring Mixture 135

Amelie, Riley, Tish, Tiffany and Milly

Spring Mixture 139

Amelie and Tiffany

Suffice to say that they were all friends again by the time Riley’s parents returned home.


Father Christmas

Father Christmas turned up with a sackful of gifts for the children over the festive period.  Some of the younger ones were a bit overwhelmed but the older kids thought it was great fun.  More pictures on:

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Effie, Diane, Lorrell and Deena

All too quickly it was time for Diane to depart after her visit to best friend Effie, and the two other ladies that made up the Dreamettes (Lorrell and Deena).

They ate at the Lakeside Restaurant before spending the evening together at Effies apartment.  The following morning Effie made breakfast for them all, then they managed to fit in some time for therapeutic shopping before visiting Lola’s Nursery (which Diane helps to raise money for).

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Kish Toddlers – too cute

Two more Kish toddlers came today:  Riley and Anjali.  These girls are just so cute and they happily played with Milly, Lottie and Tish.

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Kish Toddlers

I couldn’t resist taking the following photographsof the Kish toddlers this morning.  They are too cute for words, even when they are up to mischief!

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