I have LOVED dolls since being a little girl and can remember the distinctive smell of them when going into a toyshop (I guess that was a chemical used in the plastic, as dolls no longer have the same smell).  My all time favourites were the MOD Barbies as they were my era and their ‘boyfriend’ was Paul (Sindys official BF) asI didn’t care for Ken.  Sindy was not my cup of tea either and I think I may have only owned one as a child.  Patch, Penny Bright, Daisy, PippaTressy to name a few were all part of my collection.

I spent a lot of time with my dolls, either playing alone, or with friends and back then we played with dolls up to being a teenager, and sometimes beyond.  When I was about fifteen years old I packed up my dolls up and gave them, their clothing and all of the furniture to a family that didn’t have any dolls.  I couldn’t imagine a life without dolls and felt so sorry for the girls in the family.

I mourned the loss of my dolls, mainly Barbie, for many years, and though I had felt good about passing them on I hadn’t realised how lonely I would be without them or how much I would miss them.

In 1997 I came across a Marlo Flip Barbie at a boot sale and had to have her, and that is where my manic collecting began.  I have literally hundreds of Barbie dolls:  vintage, modern, boxed and played with.  My collecting didn’t stop with them as I discovered some very pretty Sindy dolls, who looked a lot like Barbie….(that of course is another story).  I have vanity cases full of clothes for them (because that is how doll clothes were stored when I was a child), but I have never, since childhood, played with dolls.  I have restored them to as good as I am able, then packed them away to be admired on the rare occasions that they are unpacked.

Scroll forward to 2011 when I discovered quite by accident a Tonner 13″ Revlon doll on EBay.  I was searching for the final two Barbie Fashion Fever dolls for my collection when it happened.  I ordered the Tonner doll and was really taken with her but discovered that she wasn’t quite the right scale for Barbie.  She needed friends, and fast, so I went back on EBay and lo and behold found Tonner Show Stopping Sydney and RTW Runway Esme:  I duly ordered them, not checking the scale, doh!

I was literally speechless when they arrived, the size, the weight, the look, it mattered not that they weren’t in scale with the Revlon doll.  Two strange thing happened at this time:  I wanted to undress them and change their clothes and I wanted to photograph them.  It meant that I had to make clothes initially because I couldn’t justify spending the money that was being asked for clothes, and I hadn’t made clothes since I was at secondary school, but I really enjoyed doing it.

Reason dictated that I should sell some, or all of my Barbies to fund the purchases of the more expensive Tonner dolls but each time I looked at them I couldn’t bear to part with them.  Anyway, to cut a long story short I have had to purchase ‘friends’ in the 13″ scale for the Revlon doll (who is named Tamsin), and further dolls in the 16″ scale (I also think nothing, well hardly anything, about buying clothes for them now) and my Barbie collection is still intact. 

UPDATE:  In 2014 I rediscovered the joys of Barbie and her friends who now have their own web pages: My Doll Family – Barbie & Friends

Enjoy the blog about My Doll Family! 

Party time

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