The Dreamettes & Creed

Two female groups performed at ‘The Adelfi’ last night:

‘The Dreamettes’ who have been performing for some time together and gave a fantastic performance with their R&B songs, and they were supported by new band ‘Creed’.  ‘Creed’ give an unusual twist to well known songs  with their country / rock theme .

Both groups were well received and the hall was packed with young and old revellers.

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Tonner City Girls Outfits

Two outfits arrived today from the City Girls range:  “Cape Town Fashion Pack” and “Gray Haze Fashion Pack”.  I had hoped that they would fit the Antoinette type body but the leggings and trousers are too tight and do not pull all the way up.  The sleeves are short, and while that can be a  fashion it looks odd when all of the clothes are too short…The boots do not fit on the Antoinette foot at all, though they can fit on Tyler size feet but are very tight.

I next tried the clothes on Marley sized bodies and whilst they are a little big, they are passable.  The sleeves could do with turning up a smidgeon and the legs of the jeans and leggings just need to have the excess fabric pulled up to the tops of her legs out of sight.  However, the shoes do not fit Marley sized feet at all.

Finally, the Revlon body was used to try the outfits on.  The trousers and leggings are a little long, just like on Marley, and the sleeves too, but the shoes are a great fit!

In summary I am going to split the outfits as follows:

“Gray Haze”

Hat & Scarf will be used for the Antoinette & Tyler sized ladies.

Coat, tunic dress & leggings will be used for the Marley sized girls

High heeled boots will be for the Revlon sized ladies

“Cape Town”

Capelet , Tunic Dress, Bangle Bracelet and Stretchy Jeans will all be used by the Marley sized girls

High heeled boots will be for the Revlon sized ladies.

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