Portraits 2014

The annual portraits have got off to a good start and as long as the enthusiasm continues they should not take more than a couple of months or so to complete.

Considering that it takes a full day to sort out twenty outfits, another full day to sort out shoes & jewellery and at least one day to dress and style the 20 ladies it can be a thankless task.

Some of the portraits are shown on: 

Portraits 2014

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Portraits 2014

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Catch up with…Gems Dance Academy






Gemma Garrett started out as a singing/dance/piano teacher but after securing lottery funding has recently opened her dance academy and offers lessons for individuals or groups. She is qualified to teach all forms of dance and thus far has been kept very busy.


Whenever she has time to spare in her busy schedule, Carrie Tokyo takes classes for Gemma and the experience she gained in the West End has been invaluable to aspiring dancers.




Another star of the West End, Porschia Graham, is the latest to have helped out with a couple of classes. Sisters Shauna and Meghan did a lesson alongside her, and it wasn’t long before they stopped what they were doing to watch her. A true dancer is captivating and beautiful to watch.

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Gemma says that when her pupils see West End stars ‘in the flesh’ it gives them something to aspire to.

Ballet C (92)


We looked in on a ballet class and there were several girls that show promise and may be future stars: Larraine and Malia gave particularly beautiful performances.

Ballet C (91)

LOTS more photographs at:

Gems Dance Academy 4